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March 29, 2010

My muffin top runneth over

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I’ve always had an antagonistic relationship with my belly shape. It protrudes over the top of my waistband — and below! Someone suggested I wore too small of a waistband on my bottoms and that that’s what caused the condition. (I don’t believe that.) It looks similar to the woman’s shape in the picture below, but mine is more pronounced. For the record, I think this picture is double cute. I found it @ Charlotte Cooper’s.

I’m seeing more and more bellies like this one…and mine. I’ve started to think this is nothing more than a natural variation in shape.

One of my favorite paintings is the Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli.

I love her body. Wouldn’t mind having one that looked like hers. Of course, nowadays she’d be considered a plus size model, which is ridic. But I especially notice her stomach…it’s nice and round. Here’s a detail:

Now imagine a fat Venus. I think her stomach would end up looking like mine! I realize it’s silly, but whenever I feel diminished because my body shape is not a societally approved one, I find comfort in the idea that I have the same lush belly of Venus — just the XL version.

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