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September 10, 2008

Real quick: one last thing

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If you’ve seen this already or if something similar has been discussed in the Fatosphere recently, forgive me. But this is what I was trying to get at in my last post. Replace “feminist” with “fat acceptor.”

We need our own Big Tent:

In the middle of the lawn is a big blue tent with a sign saying, “The New Agenda.” This is the tent where women from all the different booths and kiosks gather to work on the issues they agree on — which, as we all know, is not every issue. They don’t stop being themselves when they go to The New Agenda tent, and they don’t abandon their beliefs. They just put aside their differences long enough to talk about the things they do agree on.

Pro-choice women will never agree with pro-life women on abortion, but they do agree on equal pay and healthcare and domestic violence. In The New Agenda tent, those are the things they can work on together. The Hothead Paisan lesbians and the feminists-for-Christ probably won’t be joining each other’s social clubs anytime soon, but in The New Agenda tent they can put their heads together to figure out how to combat sexism in the media.

The idea is to create a place where we can join forces on the many issues that unite us, instead of remaining always divided by the issues that separate us.

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[ETA a description of the “Big Tent” AKA the New Agenda from the above link to Reclusive Leftist for those who don’t want to click through.]

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