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February 29, 2008

Balle Balle!

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Looking for a change in your exercise/activity routine? If you have it, may I suggest Fit TV? The channel does have some questionable content (like a weigh-in at the end of a low-carb cooking show), and talk about “calories burned” is pretty common when it comes to video exercise. If you can get past these things, you may see something to spice up your workout on the Fit TV channel or their On Demand content.

My latest find is Masala Bhangra by Sarina Jain. It is just so much fun. Very colorful and quite challenging. It’s based on an Indian folk dance. I tend towards dance workouts because after years of the drudgery of working out for that impossible goal of weight loss, shifting my priorities to working out for how it makes me feel means I’m looking for what’s FUN. I seem to do things more often and consistently when they’re fun. Go figure.

It’s nice to try out an exercise routine before investing in buying videos or DVDs. Even if you prefer to take real life classes, it can be helpful to try something out at home first to see what you like. I learned my lesson the hard way after buying an MTV Grind Workout and a Carmen Electra DVD sight unseen (not the striptease one, but the “get yourself into shape so you can do the striptease one” one). I got into belly dance and T’ai Chi after free routines offered under Fit TV’s Video On Demand (it’s under the Sports & Fitness category). I ended up liking both and purchasing the corresponding DVDs. I will probably do the same with Masala Bhangra.

I see some comments dotting the Fatosphere from people who say they want to lose weight because they find their fat bodies uncomfortable. I can relate to that. But I have to wonder if they have tried being in those bodies, using them to become stronger and more flexible, and *enjoying* the use of their bodies in graceful and fun movement? This is what I’m trying to do. Namaste!


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