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November 1, 2007

Dream the impossible

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The ultimate American Dream is the weight-loss diet. I think that is why America is the fattest nation in the world. We believe in dieting the same way we believe everyone in this country has the same chance at any opportunity and that our prospect of success depends on hard work and never giving up.

I’m only now becoming more versed in fat acceptance, and I still find it hard to shake off the idea that weight loss is anything but a pipe dream and dangerous. It’s hard to introduce others to the movement, even when I think they could benefit from it as I’ve begun to do. Many really blame themselves and trust that the next diet will succeed as long as they dust themselves off, pick themselves up, grit their teeth, get determined, work hard, and never ever give up.

I personally think the real American Dream can be as full of shite as the American Dream of Dieting. I grew up believing in my heart that this country was a true democracy and meritocracy. Wow. Naïve, huh? There were some growing pains learning the truth about that one. I’ve recently experienced similar pains letting go of everything I was ever taught and believed about the Dieting Dream.

I wish a new American Dream. We are known for our individualism. I want us to dream of ourselves, of becoming who we were meant to be, coming into who we are right now, and being true to the self. I once heard that we are truly cool when there’s no one else in the world we’d rather be than ourselves. That’s a dream that risks no disillusionment and one that needn’t be confined to one country. “To thine own self be true.” Sure, that takes work and determination, too — but it’s a dream that’s far more rewarding.


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